Loosing sense

I am old, I am like deep rooted tree with strong branches.
You are the precious little bee buzzing around
Taking pollen from others showing of your bright colors
You are around me and I can not move.

The golden light of noon, when the day is dying fill the air
The sweet scent of spring makes me dizzy
The  warm wind move my branches near your beutifull delicate body
The sound of the river makes me dream about you

I feel the tickles of an ant moving around my body
the chant of birds nesting inside me
Butterflyes inside my wooden stomach
This is so delicious and so bitter and so sad.

I am water willing to become fire
I can not touch you even do i have you at my grasp
This growing feeling is the a destruction chant
All you want all I want, fools dreams, non senses thoughts, unuseful feelings roten trash.

Black soil
Broken light
Eyes closed
Breathing fast

Heart bumping
Blood running
Lips open
Slow time


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