In a far away kingdom, many years from now a boy was born.
This very especial kid would grow and develop in to a Tecton, or what we would call in these days, an Architect. A well prepared professional that dedicated a few years of his life to talk with people about how to face life in a different manner, calling himself God but not demanding any worship.

This was to generous for his time, and as always happens with good teachings his words touch somebody’s interest, and by interest I mean pocket, and by pocket I mean money income, so, this guy was crucified.

The weird thing is that, after 2000 years his teaching are the most important behavior guidelines in the world and the most powerful and developed countries in the world follows his precepts, people was convinced without violence mostly, or at least less violence than other mayor religions such as Islam, invented hundreds of years after christianism.

With different branches that usually fight among them for tinny details Christinism is one of the best social shapers ever developed by human or divine inspiration.

We will buy presents and gather with our love ones remembering the date this exceptional child was born, that is a fact and whether you are Christian or not your calendar count the days BC, before Christ.



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