The Shadow.

Matt was holding the sheets with strength, his eyes were blinking looking towards the window it was all dark around him the sounds of the night filled the room, drops crashing against the glass, the deep sinister whistling of the wind charged with humidity, branches cracking, leafs singing a sad and dim song, water falling, and his heart beating like a big leader and old drum.

The boy was making a huge effort to open his pupils as much as possible, plunging his light reception cell to an inhuman level, he could hear even the most insignificant sound around him or in the street, his brain was working fast making images of all the information his ears brought to it.

The truth is Matt knew something was about to happen in any moment, he did not wanted to sleep, he did not wanted this to happen, he was aware of all the implications and the consequences and he was scared to death because there was nothing he could do about it.

A blue light came from the dark sky, and then a thunder broke the air as another hot plasma ray came down to the ground, Matt felt the moment was near, he started shaking as he sink in his bed, his hand started to sweat and a cold feeling run through his back.

The rain continued falling in to the roof and the floor and the street, the wind continued moving branches and leafs and suddenly a tall and obscure figure appeared in the narrow paved way to Matt’s house.

The figure advanced with tall steps towards the main door, nobody noticed the black cloak approaching in the middle of the dark cold rainy night.

Matt listen the wet lean figure approaching, and in silence started to cry, the windows matched his face and he paid the debt he had with the death.



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