Lost and Found

Clara was a black haired, black eyed, white skinned girl. She was on her twenties and had lots of things on her mind at that moment.

She looked in the mirror and liked what she saw. She turned on the cold water and washed her face, she felt the icy liquid spooking the phantom of the sheets that were trying to seduce her to come back to his arms.

The snow fell gently outside. The morning was still dark and, the streetlights were still on, filling the atmosphere with an unusual glittered glow.

She took a short shower and dressed up, put make up on her face and perfume on her neck. She brushed her beautiful shiny hair and had a final look at the final product of years of work, study and suffering.

She was obsessed with her image and the mirror was her best friend, she was far from the typical egocentric superficial girl; she had reached a deep intellectual level, in which Greek myths and renaissance concepts of beauty played a major role in her judgment, she supported her efforts with complicated social and anthropological studies.

Today was her big opportunity, she had the work interview with the TMA; Trend Management Agency, her dream job was in her grasp and she intended to fill that vacancy no matter what.

 She put the iron cross her father had won in the war on the lapel of her black felt coat, took her portfolio and the recommendations of the members of the party and went downstairs. Look in to the little wooden box were she kept the keys.

But the car keys weren’t there.