El concepto de machismo.

Entendido como violencia contra la mujer y los hijos es una aberracion y es por tanto inexcusable, tan inexcusanle como la violencia toda dentro del nucleo familiar. No por eso sin embargo el patriarcado pierde efectividad como manera de organizar la sociedad. Como concepto; el patriarcado establese arduos deberes al macho que cuida provee y proteje a su familia. Por ello recibe tambien la justa recompensa en respeto y sexo. Recordemos que no hay combustible mas potente para motivar a un hombre que la recompensa saxual la cual por lo demas bien ejecuada traera placer a ambas partes.

El machismo es una deformacion de lo que significa ser hombre, del patriarcado, de llevar los pantalones. El machismo es enrealidad un cafichismo de quien pretende obtener los beneficios de un patriarca sin ninguna de sus responsabiliades u obligaciones ejecutando acciones cohercitivas por medio de la fuerza o la violencia pscològica contra quienes debe protejer y no en contra de los verdaderos enemigos del nucleo familiar. Ese hombre es un pusilanime.

Ahora bien en este tiempo las mujeres deaean salir a cazar con los machos y obtener los beneficios del patriarca pero tampoco quieren pagar el precio de convertirse en èl. Quieren trato especial en sus trabajos, quieren ser tradas con delicadeza, quieren tener tratos especiales cuando estan embarazadas, quieren esto y aquello por que son mujeres. No aceptando que, como tales no tienen las mismas capacidades en terminos fisiologicos y emptivas (por regla general) para ejecutar la caza sin contratiempos ni perdidas inutiles de esfuerzo, ni la nobleza o el concepto de honor neceaario para batirse en la lid.

Las mujeres son diferentes a los hombres, no es nada nuevo, tienen capacidades distintas, por lotanto deberìan tener roles disferentes y derechos y deberes diferentes, simplemente por que SON diferentes.

Esto tal ves implique que ellas deberìan llevar el mando de nuestra sociedad an matriarcados que aseguren una paz femenina que deje espacios aislados para liberar los impulsos violentos masculinos, y el hombre quisas pierda algunos de los derechos que cree inherentes a su condiciòn, si alguno queda ya.

muerte subita

La vida cae al suelo como quien derrama agua sobre el mar, el cielo est arriba y la tierra se esconde de èl, por que le da verguenza que la miren desnua y tal como es, ella es morena, de piernas firmes y tersa piel, es es amarillo como el trigo y verde y azùl, brilla lejano y se despreocupa de quien es, quien lo mira o trata de entender.

Lost and Found 4 – The agency 2

Clara walked out of the elevator with a straight back and strong steps, her heels wounded the thick futurist carpet designed by Marinetti itself as she advanced trough the long warm hallway flanked by natural size shiny bronze statues of Himmler, Menguele, Gôring, Bormann, Hess, Leni Riefenstahl and of course, Joseph Goebbels, the architect of the of the early ministry of propaganda that later on became the Trend Management Agency.

After the war was over the world was spited in three, the Japanese empire absorbed China, Australia and the lower Asia countries, Italy and the Fascist Empire took power over Middle East and some Western African countries, Franco’s Spain remained Independent and the fourth Reich make feel his power over Russia, Africa, and America.

The native population was exterminated with expertise and the earth was populated with mass produced Aryan Childs in Norway and Sweden. The perfection of the race was ensured and improved by the new genetic techniques and the world became pink and yellow.

When she reached the end she felt small in front of the receptionist desk situated high above with a golden statue of Hitler on her back and huge red and black party flag hanging from the tall roof.

She knew that this was specially designed to impose a sense of smallness and meaningless, but she was over this cheap tricks, so she handled her folder with conviction and told the tall blond lady what her purpose was.

The woman look at her and indicate a door, Clara went in to a square white room with red chairs were 3 other people were already waiting. A beautiful well proportionate red haired woman, a tall bronzed blond girl with dreadlocks a tall blond guy and a black haired blue eyed square faced young man.

A voice come up from a speaker in the corner of the room and told a name. The tall and narrow guy beneath her stood up and stretched and shook off his dark green suit, in the apparently plane wall a rectangular figure was draw in light and the young boy walked in to it, his shadow was swallowed by the light and an awkward silence fill the room.

Lost and Found 3 – the agency

She drove fast under the white bright sky hitting the highway with haste, the Ford focus, fuel turbocharged engine of six cylinders maintained the velocity without losing grip to the icy  asphalt. She was determined to reach the interview even if she had to risk her life to do it.

Clara arrived nearly on time; her face was half frozen as she had to drive under the cold weather with no passenger glass.

She drove her car into the parking lot below the building and reached the elevator shivering, her numb hands and face were red, her black hair was stained with snow and she had frost even in her long eyelashes.

She put her red suede leather gloves and her black felt cup hat with the party’s pin in the left corner, fixed her maroon silk blouse and shook the snow of the long black wool skirt, stepped firmly on her grey rabbit skin pointy tall boots to shake the cold out of her.

Iron butterflies thorn her stomach while the art deco elevator when up. She remembered all the hours of study, all the intense training and discipline that make her a trend designer, she was loyal to the party, she was a natural born critic, she wanted the best for her race, she had the knowledge and the fidelity to the four Reich ideals that will make her the one that trough fashion and design, would put the right ideas on her comrades minds.

The party ruled the art, books, fashion, clothes, object design, architecture, films, television, music, magazines and any content that was produced and distributed through the mass media, and all this products were produced, tested and approved by the trend agency, they carefully planned even the unauthorized illegal magazines that teenagers liked so much.

An Aryan individual must have knowledge of all the correct philosophies and art proposals first, their minds must be protected. Only after a rigorous education, only the ones that were creative, intelligent and inquisitive, only they could study the history of human mistakes, embrace a deeper knowledge of the Nazi philosophy and become the mind shapers of their society.

Ojos grandes

Me detengo como un tonto
Mi rostro se pierde
Se derrite

Mis pupilas bailan entorno a ti
Me divierto en tus pestañas
Me relajo en tu iris
Te miro

Soy un halcon cazando a una paloma
Un tigre a un cabrito
Una serpiente a un raton
Una araña a una polilla

Te desnudo
Te toco
Te acaricio
Te violento
Te penetro
Te relleno
Te bombeo
Te choco
Te empujo
Te agarro
Te langueteo
Te miro
Te pienso

Me ignoras
Me evitas
Me repeles

Mis ojos se pierden
Tus caderas se contonean lejos de mi
Tu voz se escucha lejos
Tus fluidos dejan de llenar mi nariz.

Lost and Found – 2

Clara searched her pockets and her folder and the floor and the little wooden table near the entrance door and did not find them.

A cold chill run through her spine and her beautiful pale cheeks got red. Such a little piece of nickel could not be the obstacle between her and her future; she was destined to follow the path of Hugo Boss, Karl Diebitsch and Walter Heck, Christian Dior and Leni Riefenstahl.

When the soldiers of the party won the war and the fourth Reich began; the ones that had supported the machinery of war of the party were greatly recompensed; IBM was the only IA developer in the eastern world and Ford Motors Company was the civil transport maker.

Having no competency and lots of slave man power to deplete, they grew. After that, the non humans were discarded and replaced with robots. The pure race future was built over the non evolved corps.

The visionary ideas of Le Corbusier were adopted and implemented with religious accuracy. Huge highways ran across the country along the monumental train rails forming the nervous system of a new Zollverein.

Small dorm cities near the forests and the mountains were separated from the commercial and educational centers and the industrials complexes.

The only hope that Clara really had of reaching her important interview was finding her car keys in the next ten minutes.

She went to the kitchen and then to her room revolving everything like a tornado, she opened the drawers and removed the coats from the closet growing wilder and bereaved every second.

Her whole life passed in front of her eyes while the braziers and panties and shirts were floating through the air as expelled by a geyser.  In that desperate moment she realized.

She leaped downstairs like a leopard and opened the basement door, went down without thinking it twice and grabbed a hammer, went up in a blink of an eye and opened the garage door, stood still in front of her car, took a deep breath and broke the copilot window. The keys were in the car.


Te fuiste rompiendo todos mis tejidos
Quedé seco y salado
con mi rostro desnudo
con el corazón adormecido

Las nubes pasan
acariciando los pequeños granos
que configuran el oceano ardiente
donde fermentan mis entrañas mustias
donde se pierden mis decadentes pasos

La mirada no me alcanza
la suavidad no es suficiente
la luz se dispersa y se fragmenta en la penumbra
la esperanza no perdura

Una gota de rocío caida de tus dedos
una sonrisa vaga disipa el miedo
un contacto furtivo 
son el aire perfumado que respiro

Eres una estatua de piedra
que se va dehaciendo con el tiempo
convirtiendose en polvo del desierto
sin ojos para observar y sin memoria

Juro que he visto un espejismo
que no es verdad lo que he vivido
que le pasó a otro
que lo he leído

No quiero saber que hay alguien como tu deambulando en este mundo
Vuela ya de mis brasos y pierdete en la niebla
Cruza los oceanos y sumergete en otros ojos
busca otras miradas que desnuden tu existencia
y olvidate de quién te ha amado como nadie en este mundo
por que yo ya me he vuelto loco.