Lost and Found – 2

Clara searched her pockets and her folder and the floor and the little wooden table near the entrance door and did not find them.

A cold chill run through her spine and her beautiful pale cheeks got red. Such a little piece of nickel could not be the obstacle between her and her future; she was destined to follow the path of Hugo Boss, Karl Diebitsch and Walter Heck, Christian Dior and Leni Riefenstahl.

When the soldiers of the party won the war and the fourth Reich began; the ones that had supported the machinery of war of the party were greatly recompensed; IBM was the only IA developer in the eastern world and Ford Motors Company was the civil transport maker.

Having no competency and lots of slave man power to deplete, they grew. After that, the non humans were discarded and replaced with robots. The pure race future was built over the non evolved corps.

The visionary ideas of Le Corbusier were adopted and implemented with religious accuracy. Huge highways ran across the country along the monumental train rails forming the nervous system of a new Zollverein.

Small dorm cities near the forests and the mountains were separated from the commercial and educational centers and the industrials complexes.

The only hope that Clara really had of reaching her important interview was finding her car keys in the next ten minutes.

She went to the kitchen and then to her room revolving everything like a tornado, she opened the drawers and removed the coats from the closet growing wilder and bereaved every second.

Her whole life passed in front of her eyes while the braziers and panties and shirts were floating through the air as expelled by a geyser.  In that desperate moment she realized.

She leaped downstairs like a leopard and opened the basement door, went down without thinking it twice and grabbed a hammer, went up in a blink of an eye and opened the garage door, stood still in front of her car, took a deep breath and broke the copilot window. The keys were in the car.


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