Lost and Found 3 – the agency

She drove fast under the white bright sky hitting the highway with haste, the Ford focus, fuel turbocharged engine of six cylinders maintained the velocity without losing grip to the icy  asphalt. She was determined to reach the interview even if she had to risk her life to do it.

Clara arrived nearly on time; her face was half frozen as she had to drive under the cold weather with no passenger glass.

She drove her car into the parking lot below the building and reached the elevator shivering, her numb hands and face were red, her black hair was stained with snow and she had frost even in her long eyelashes.

She put her red suede leather gloves and her black felt cup hat with the party’s pin in the left corner, fixed her maroon silk blouse and shook the snow of the long black wool skirt, stepped firmly on her grey rabbit skin pointy tall boots to shake the cold out of her.

Iron butterflies thorn her stomach while the art deco elevator when up. She remembered all the hours of study, all the intense training and discipline that make her a trend designer, she was loyal to the party, she was a natural born critic, she wanted the best for her race, she had the knowledge and the fidelity to the four Reich ideals that will make her the one that trough fashion and design, would put the right ideas on her comrades minds.

The party ruled the art, books, fashion, clothes, object design, architecture, films, television, music, magazines and any content that was produced and distributed through the mass media, and all this products were produced, tested and approved by the trend agency, they carefully planned even the unauthorized illegal magazines that teenagers liked so much.

An Aryan individual must have knowledge of all the correct philosophies and art proposals first, their minds must be protected. Only after a rigorous education, only the ones that were creative, intelligent and inquisitive, only they could study the history of human mistakes, embrace a deeper knowledge of the Nazi philosophy and become the mind shapers of their society.



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