Lost and Found 4 – The agency 2

Clara walked out of the elevator with a straight back and strong steps, her heels wounded the thick futurist carpet designed by Marinetti itself as she advanced trough the long warm hallway flanked by natural size shiny bronze statues of Himmler, Menguele, Gôring, Bormann, Hess, Leni Riefenstahl and of course, Joseph Goebbels, the architect of the of the early ministry of propaganda that later on became the Trend Management Agency.

After the war was over the world was spited in three, the Japanese empire absorbed China, Australia and the lower Asia countries, Italy and the Fascist Empire took power over Middle East and some Western African countries, Franco’s Spain remained Independent and the fourth Reich make feel his power over Russia, Africa, and America.

The native population was exterminated with expertise and the earth was populated with mass produced Aryan Childs in Norway and Sweden. The perfection of the race was ensured and improved by the new genetic techniques and the world became pink and yellow.

When she reached the end she felt small in front of the receptionist desk situated high above with a golden statue of Hitler on her back and huge red and black party flag hanging from the tall roof.

She knew that this was specially designed to impose a sense of smallness and meaningless, but she was over this cheap tricks, so she handled her folder with conviction and told the tall blond lady what her purpose was.

The woman look at her and indicate a door, Clara went in to a square white room with red chairs were 3 other people were already waiting. A beautiful well proportionate red haired woman, a tall bronzed blond girl with dreadlocks a tall blond guy and a black haired blue eyed square faced young man.

A voice come up from a speaker in the corner of the room and told a name. The tall and narrow guy beneath her stood up and stretched and shook off his dark green suit, in the apparently plane wall a rectangular figure was draw in light and the young boy walked in to it, his shadow was swallowed by the light and an awkward silence fill the room.



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