Lost and Found 6 – People Deconstructivism

Deep inside her mind there was a little girl crying for her mother’s love, she was running in a wide green field with a massive mountain range in the background of the landscape, tall pine trees were all over the mountains and the cold perfumed air filled her nose, she was somehow free, but she missed her father’s love, deep inside her mind family was the most important scar she had had.

She was sit in an iron like chair, she was tied with leather straps, needles pierced her skin on her hands and arms, a huge with and bright ring was around her head, Images were projected into her optic nerve.

They were attempting to manipulate her prefrontal cortex and trying to change her unconscious mind set, the images passed one after another very fast, sometimes sounds were linked to them.

She had her eyes closed but her mind was wide opened, as a chemical derivate of LSD was being pumped to her bloodstream, her subconscious was now naked in front of her tellers.

She woke up in a small white room, lying in a small white bed. Her Clothes were in a chair, her belongings were in a wood pedestal, and among them was a black envelope with the red swastika on it.

She did not remember much, but her mind was tired, like a disordered room. Slowly she started breath in a calm way, with a monotonous rhythm, going in and out and repeating the national socialist mantra, constructing herself again, she started from the foundations of the ideology and then the recognition of what she was, her perfect race and her responsibility for being genetically superior, the Wagnerian Song was then chanted with a low voice, and then she started to sing loudly the German empire hymn.

She stood up, and dressed again; she felt still dizzy and had to put one hand in the wall not to fell.

When she finished her mind reconstruction, she looked the envelope again and did it parsimoniously; with delicacy she opened it and extracted the beautiful cream paper that had her destiny written on it.



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