Lost and Found – People Deconstructivism 2

If we have complete knowledge of the anatomy of an animal, if we are in possession of all the necessary data to reconstruct it’s special mode of experience. A detailed study of the animal’s body structure, the number, quality and distribution of the different organs and systems; this will result in a perfect image of the inner and external world of the organism.

Life is perfect almost everywhere; every organism, even the tinniest of them is not only adapted in a vague way but entirely coordinated with his environment.

According to his anatomical structure he possesses a determined receiver and effector system.  The organism cannot survive without the cooperation and equilibrium between these two systems. They are always tightly concatenated in a functional circle that allows us to grasp the meaning and purpose of the being.

The human animal in the other hand has a different character; his functional circle has not only grown in a quantitative way but also in a qualitative one.

The human animal has developed a new way to adapt itself to the environment; between the receiver and effector systems he has added another link. Something we can call the symbolic system.

This new acquisition transform all human life; Compared to the other animals, the human being not only lives a wider reality but in a complete different dimension.

The immediate reactions to the external stimulus are delayed by the slow and complicated thinking process. The human animal cannot understand the outer world outside the symbolic universe he develops in his early childhood to communicate with its kin.

Therefore the way to control a society is to control the symbolic system in each and every one of the individuals, making them loyal to the party beyond any possible external stimulus or foreign ideas.

Clara had reached a superior level of consciousness; she had been chosen to be part of the shapers.

She was now art of the intellectual shadows that rule the symbolic world of the German empire.



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