Lost and Found – The new Clara

She was sitting on her bed with the beautiful cream paper on her hands. Her dream had become true, but in order for her to become a shadow she had to sacrifice a part of herself.

Good will, good intentions, dreams and wishes were not the way to achieve perfection, perfection was hard, the rock of reality must be bitted over and over again, discipline was needed, intelligence and love. Because love is what you need to correct the wrong attitudes and thoughts of a child, it takes love to put a beloved one in pain in order to redeem himself, his soul, his mind.

People were the party’s children, and as Clara was one of the new mind shapers and she had to start by the basics, she was now property of the ministry.

She stood up and went out of her room, now that small room was for her, from that day she was notable to possess anything, but everything was at her disposal, she had the liberty to think and act as she pleased, but she could not have anything at all. She was now completely free.

As she walked through the grandiloquent hallways of the ministry; following the instructions of the creamy paper, she realized she was the only one that wasn’t in uniform, that beautiful black and white leather uniform was the best design ever, symbol of power and authority, of honor and power.

The room she was looking for was in front of her; she entered and searched for a sit, there were about ten persons in there, all without uniform as she was, the room lights went suddenly out and three big screens went on.

Six of the most important ministers were there, they were in different places around the German Empire, but they were everywhere any time as the interconnected “nigma” net allow them to transmit information through the air without delay and in a completely secure way.

The war minister was in the front, and in the background Clara could clearly see the campaign tents and the soldiers moving and preparing themselves for the next assault. She was proud of their beauty and bravery and now she had become the one that would shape the corner stone on their minds.


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