The very end

Water fills the sky
tiny white dots that blind my sight
the atmosphere is like thin fabric
resting over your warm mind.

I’m swimming in the vaporous cold air
guided by the blurry light your lips let run away;
with the scent of your tongue,
with the shape of your teeth.

I can advance a bit more
step by step in to the woods,
in to the sea,
in to the fire,
in to the void.

Nothing can stop a man that has been called by this force.
No mountain, no human law, no divine pact.
Not even death can stop my legs or my heart from beating anymore.

Only your silent eyes can make me kneel.
Can bring back my transparent limbs into their old strong shape.

Fill my glass with that sweet blood of yours.
I want to drink from your chest at the very end.
and  know all of you that is to know.